ActiveSync for a Group of users on a Domain

When you team up over ActiveSync, it offers great value additions

What is it? : Triosync is a Hybrid ActiveSync.  Hybrid runs a combination of ActiveSync and POP/IMAP mail on a single domain. It facilitates the power and flexibility of ActiveSync mail to some users on a domain while other users continue on POP/IMAP. The implementation does not cause any modification to sever side settings

How it works ? A copy of every incoming mail is pulled into Triosync ActiveSync Mailbox, leaving one copy on your current server. ActiveSync then Direct Push the incoming mail to all devices and systems, when they connect next. When you sent or delete a mail, add, modify or delete a folder, Calendar, Task or Contact entry anywhere, it is updated on all systems, devices and Outlook Web, in real-time. You can keep both ActiveSync and POP/IMAP accounts active and functional as long as you like.

Document Collaboration and Shared Folders: Collaboration allows you to add folders that you can share with remembers of this group. You can create as many group you like with varying access restrictions to Read only or Edit. When you create a shared folder and add members to share it, the members Outlook will also add them automatically . Thereafter, the members can simply drag and drop mails, documents and files into these folders. Once a project is complete, you can cleanup unwanted files. You can also create such folders and store data for regular reference for members.

Global Address Book : Create a Global Address book that can be shared among the group. Any member can add, modify entries and it will updated on everyone's Outlook. Global Address Book does not interfere with your personal contacts which function separately.................................................................

Schedule Meetings : Schedule and setup meetings with the Free-Busy information of members' Calendar. This will facilitate any member to identify free dates and timing of other members to quickly setup a meeting and send invitations and reschedule it any time from any where..

How Secure is it ? At the backend is a tried and tested robust ActiveSync Server and we run it from best-of-the breed Data Centre with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Also, there are many fail safe features built into it. Maintain both POP/IMAP and EAS Mail boxes active and operational, Maintain Current Outlook and new ActiveSync Outlook Active, Easy roll back, Real-time Outlook Backup, Offline Outlook Access, Secure Private Folders, Mobile Device Wipe, Recovery of data after they have been emptied from Deleted Items folder, SSL ports etc.


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