Single User ActiveSync Mail Box

Adaptable by Single user or a team on any domain without affecting other users
Instant activation! Safe, port and connect technology. Current data, mailbox settings unchanged
Continue with your Business Mail ID.  Add more IMAP, Gmail, Yahoo IDs, if required.
Change Device or OS, but continue with your Outlook unaffected. Operate Outlook in offline mode as well
Options: Run existing Outlook parallel. Anytime roll back. Leave a copy of incoming mail in current mail box
Configure Outlook on Desktop, Laptop, Home PC and sync them automatically. Store folders locally
Change Mobile Devices quickly. Just connect the new device and download everything from anywhere
Cross platform support: Sync between any Mobile, Tablet, Outlook combination anywhere, anytime
Save on International Roaming with fully loaded Outlook WebMail that sync back to Outlook
Next time your data crash or device lost, connect and download everything, as it was

Why ActiveSync? : ActiveSync is the only common sync platform adapted by all OS and Device manufactures. With numerous updates and versions, it ensures seamless sync across any combination of Device and OS now and in future. ActiveSync offers a lot more than syncing contacts and calendar with Outlook. Compare

What is it? : Triosync is a Hybrid Kerio Connect ActiveSync.  Hybrid co-exists ActiveSync and POP/IMAP mail on a single domain. It facilitates the power and flexibility of ActiveSync mail to a single or a group of users while other users continue on POP/IMAP, without affecting changes to current Mailbox or email system.

How it works ? A copy of every incoming mail is pulled into TrioSync ActiveSync Mailbox, leaving one copy on your current server. ActiveSync then Direct Push the incoming mail to all devices and systems, when they connect next. When you sent or delete a mail, add, modify or delete a folder, Calendar, Task or Contact entry anywhere, it is updated on all systems, devices and Outlook Web, in real-time. Effectively, you can keep both ActiveSync and POP/IMAP accounts active and functional as long as you like. .........................Read more

How Secure is it ? At the backend is a tried and tested robust ActiveSync Server and we run it from best-of-the breed Data Centre with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Also, there are many fail safe features built into it. Maintain both POP/IMAP and EAS Mail boxes active and operational, Maintain Current Outlook and new ActiveSync Outlook Active, Easy roll back, Real-time Outlook Backup, Offline Outlook Access, Secure Private Folders, Mobile Device Wipe, Recovery of data after they have been emptied from Deleted Items folder, SSL ports etc.................................................................................................................. Read More

Sync Outlook: ActiveSync enabled Mail is the easiest and seamless way to Sync with Outlook. It maintains identical Mail with folders, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks on PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet and Outlook Web.

Cross Platform support: Supports all OS based Smart Phones and Tablets.  For eg. You can connect with a combination of Blackberry Phone, iPad with Outlook 2010.  Like wise you can choose any combination of Smart Phones and Tablets of your choice to sync with Outlook.

Outlook Web Access: The Web interface of your Outlook is called OWA. It is an exact copy of your Outlook at any given time accessible and operational from any PC saving you roaming charges and connectivity issues while travelling. So just with a Tablet and OWA, you get complete access any time, any where. It sync back to Outlook next time you connect it. OWA is also the interface to manage your ActiveSync account

Secure: The server operates through secure ports providing data encryption.  Recover data that may have accidentally deleted and emptied from deleted items. The service runs from best of the breed, US based Data Center following parameters specified for Hosted Activesync Mail environment. Option not to allow Outlook open without typing your password every time. Disable folders that you don't want to sync with mobile devices.

Data: If you do not wish to store confidential data on mobile devices, you can do so by de-selecting those folders from your Outlook Web Control Panel. You can also add confidential data folders in your Outlook that will not sync with OutlookWeb or Outlook on other PCs

Server: Triosync is a Hosted Kerio Connect Activesync Mail Server.  Unlike normal Activesync options that require all users on the domain to join it, on Triosync, even a single user can switch to Activesync Mail, while other users continue to be on POP/IMAP email.

Settings: Switching to Triosync does not require any modification to your existing email account or server settings. Just sign-up and when you receive account details, configure Outlook and mobile devices.

Flexible and simple: Even after switching to ActiveSync, you can continue to run your existing Outlook parallel, as long as you wish. Any time you wish to roll back, you can do so by exporting your ActiveSync Mail data into your POP/IMAP Outlook.

Device and Systems: Supports all Smartphones and Tablets iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry (sync all), Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm. Email clients like MS Outlook, Entourage and Outlook:Mac.  Cross platform supporting Windows, Mac and Linux.

Backup: Next time your device is lost, disk or data crash, you can configure your account on the new system and sync back your Outlook as it was.

Multiple Access: Ability to access Outlook on multiple computers, Smartphones and Tablets simultaneously.  Setup  same Outlook on your Laptop, Office PC, Home PC and even on your Secretary's PC.

Manage: You get to manage check junk mails, Out of Office auto Responder and Mail Filters directly from your Outlook without having to go through the control panel.

Collaboration: Different users of a domain can share folders and collaborate rather than copying mails. There is also a Global Address Book that can be shared among the group.


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Sync Android


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