Triosync Features

Incoming Mail, Outgoing Mails, Replies, Forwards

A copy every incoming mail is pushed on to your PC-Laptop-Mobile-OWA.  If you delete a mail from any of these devices, the same is moved to the deleted items on all systems.    When you send a new mail, reply or forward, from any of the devices (including Blackberry), a copy of the same is automatically saved in the Sent Items on all systems and OWA.

Sub Folders and Mail sorting rules

When you create a sub folder on any device including OWA, the same is created automatically at all locations.  You can create Mail filter rules on any one system which will move incoming as well as outgoing mails to designated folders automatically on all systems.

Calendar and meeting schedules

Next time you want to setup a meeting, you don’t need to call your colleagues to check their availability.  The Free/Busy calendar server will automatically provide the free time slots available and you can send an invitation to your colleagues. Accepted invitations are automatically saved into everyone’s calendar and reminders pop-up automatically

Contacts - Personal and Shared

This system has two contacts.  One personal and one Shared.  The personal contact will remain within your data where as the shared contact data is shared between the team members and accessible to you as well.  

Task and Notes

Syncing Task and Notes are device dependent. Please check the chart. In case the default sync option doesn't sync these, you can still do it with ActiveSync Plugins like Roadsync, Notifysync and Astrasync.

ActiveSync WebMail (Outlook Web Access)

OWA maintains an exact copy of Outlook always and sync with all devices and Outlook. This is a great tool to save on Roaming charges and access Outlook from anywhere. It also help you access entire Outlook from Tablet's browser and act as a real-time Outlook backup.

Out of Office message (Auto Responder)

Enabling Out of Office message (Auto Responder) is just a click away in your Outlook or directly from your Mobile. It has an auto reminder system to warn you to disable Auto Responder first thing you open Outlook. Users can now specify the precise time period (date and time) for Out of Office messages. No more forgetting to turn off your Out of Office message

Same Outlook on multiple PCs

This feature helps you send and receive emails on more than one PC. Your Secretary or Assistant can send and receive mails on your behalf and all modifications (IN & OUT) are updated automatically on both systems. You can deploy this system incase you want to use different systems in office and at home.

Recover Deleted items

Items deleted and emptied from "Deleted Items" folder can be recovered for upto 5 days. For eg. if you accidentally delete all your inbox items for the last 5 years, 4 days ago and emptied them from "Deleted Items" as well, these can still be recovered. When recovered, these are restored to Deleted Items folder and you can move it to INBOX.

Large Web mail data Storage

ActiveSync can handle upto 25GB Outlook data unlike POP/IMAP that has a safe size restriction of 2GB by Microsoft

Multiple fail-over concurrent connections

ActiveSync has a built in capability to handle sync conflicts during simultaneous sync. In case of such conflicts, mail, contacts, calendar and task entries are protected and moved to the "Conflicts" folder and you can move it to appropriate folders as required

Unlimited Incoming/Outgoing attachments

In normal cases, POP/IMAP has a single mail size restriction. If you receive a mail beyond the size limit set by your server, the mail is returned. In case of ActiveSync, there is no restriction and you can send and receive mails of any size

Spam Filter with over 14 anti-spam layers

Spam filtering are setup with different "Levels". You could choose a Low Level settings on POP/IMAP accounts ensuring absolute spam are trapped there and reduce frequency of searching it for genuine mails. ActiveSync will filter the next level of spam and will move to the "Junk E-Mail" folder within Outlook and quickly scan it for genuine mails before emptying it.

Search entire Outlook on Mobile

Mobile devices have limited resources to load up the entire Outlook. The Outlook Search feature on ActiveSync allows you search for text strings within the body of their emails, not just message headers. When performing a Quick Search, results are returned from the current folder, while Advanced Search returns results from the entire mailbox.

Remote Mobile device Wipe

If your Mobile, Tablets stolen or lost, you can make a request to wipe the device. Once wiped, the device will not be able to re-connect to ActiveSync again unless the account is reconfigured on it.

Deselect folder for Mobile Sync

If you do not wish to sync any folder with Mobile Devices, you can deselect it and the same will not sync with Mobile devices. You can also store private data locally on any system

Option to use Advanced ActiveSync plug-in

Supports third party ActiveSync tools like Roadsync for Android, NotifySync or AstraSync for Blackberry. These tools provide enhanced features than default ActiveSync accompanying Mobile devices.

Service Redundancy

In the rarest case of a disruption to the services of Triosync, you can continue to operate from your POP/IMAP Webmail or with the previous Outlook connecting directly to the POP/IMAP account.

Scalable Exchange ActiveSync implementation

Upgrade to the next generation Exchange ActiveSync mail selectively by implementing it for key users and scale it up as required without affecting current settings and making it affordable and more practical.


This is a revolutionary feature of this mail system. Add a team member to EAS and collaborate and share documents, folders, setup meetings and share files with access restrictions.

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