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Triosync is a hosted Kerio Connect Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) solution that functions the same way as Microsoft Exchange. Unlike MS Exchange requiring every one join it, Triosync is designed as an affordable and easy to implement Outlook-Mobile Sync solution for individuals.

EAS is the uniform Sync platform supported by all OS developers and Device manufactures. ActiveSync is also referred to as Exchange Mail by many devices. Being a common sync platform, developers and device manufactures certify ActiveSync before release of new OS versions and updates. Thus, Outlook sync, with any combination of devices and OS, remains seamless and trouble free, always..

Outlook, Outlook Webmail (OWA) and Mobiles devices will all maintain same set of folders and data at any given time. Any modification anywhere, is sync with all in real-time, automatically.

Incoming mails: Triosync Mailbox port with POP mailbox directly, pull a copy of every incoming mail and push too devices. Alternatively, an Outlook on any system can download incoming mail from POOP server and Triosync will sync it with its inbox and push to other devices

Outgoing mails: Primarily, all outgoing mails are sent via Triosync. While sending, it saves a copy in its sent items and update with all devices.

Calendar, Contacts, Task: These entries are first updated on Triosync via Outlook. Thereafter a new entry, modification or deletion on any device, is first updated on Triosync and then on other devices and Outlooks when they connect next.

Basic, Professional, Business Plan difference: Basic plan sync Contact, Calendar and Task. It doesn't sync mail. Professional plan sync mail as well. Business plan is same as professional plan but with more disk space. Apart from these, functionally all plans are same



How Outlook sync works

Triosync can be setup as a new Outlook Profile or in the present Outlook as a new Account. There are separate setup instructions. Please view them.

Setting up Triosync as a new Outlook profile helps to retain present Outlook as it is and run it parallel as long as you wish. Once setup as a new profile, import present data into Triosync Outlook. Thereafter add additional email accounts, if any, and operate with multiple IDs and store all data in a single mailbox that will sync with all devices

If Triosync is setup in present Outlook, it adds new folders just below present folders with a unique name. You can copy or move present Outlook data into Triosync folders so that they sync with all devices and other Outlooks. In order to store all data in the Triosync folders, set it as default Data File in Outlook. Thus you can operate with multiple email IDs but store all data into a single Mailbox.

With either options, while setting up Triosync on additional systems, data import is not required as these will be populated automatically from the first Outlook. At any time, you can export Triosync Outlook data into a PST file and import into other Outlook or drag and move data into current Personal Folders. You may add folders and disable sync to store data locally. If you add another user on your domain to Triosync, you can share folders and collaborate. You may add folders and use these to drag & store documents, photos etc. and access these from all devices


How it sync Mobile Devices

On all mobile devices, Triosync is configured via "Exchange" mode. Some devices refer to it as Activesync or Corporate Mail.

When configured, mobile devices will add a new email folders and sync mails in these. These will operate separate from IMAP mail folders. However, Contact, Calendar and Task, will sync to the default Calendar, Contact, Task folders on Mobile devices.

To avoid data duplication, update all entries on Mobile devices with Outlook for once, and then sync them all back via Triosync.

Although Mobiles devices may not store entire Outlook email, you can search entire Outlook mail folders from Mobiles and Tablets. You can also logon to Outlook Webmail from Mobile browser and access entire Outlook.


How Outlook Web Mail works

Triosync webmail is also called Outlook Web Access. Unlike POP/IMAP webmail, OWA will show up everything in your Outlook and does a two-way sync between Outlook and Mobile Devices. OWA is a great way to work while traveling from any PC or Mobile Devices, saving you roaming charges and burden of carrying a Laptop. It also act as a real-time backup of your entire Outlook. Next time your device lost or data crash, reconnect and sync back everything.

You can logon to Outlook Webmail in Full mode and Mini Mode. In Mini mode you can access and work with email fast. for account settings and password modification, logon to "Full" mode.


Triosync Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different from IMAP ? : With IMAP you can just sync Mails in a limited way where as EAS sync everything in Outlook with multiple systems and mobile devices. Read a comparison

How will this affect my present Outlook ? : Present Outlook settings and data remain unchanged. You can operate present Outlook and Triosync Outlook parallel.

What if I discontinue Triosync? : Just export Triosync Outlook into a PST file and import into the new Outlook

What if I accidentally delete data from my mobile ? : All deleted items will be available in the "Deleted Items" folder and you can move them back to respective folder. Just incase these are emptied from deleted items as well, you can make a request to recover them within 5 days. These will be recovered to the deleted items folder and from there you can move them to respective Outlook folders.

What if I lost my Laptop/PC/Mobile ? : Configure the same account on your new PC/Mobile and it will populate all data automatically.

How it works with Blackberry? : Blackberry will sync Inbox and Set Items folders with Outlook in native mode. However, with a third-party plug-in 'Astrasync' you can sync all Mail folders, Calendar, Contact and Task in Outlook.

How it works with different combination of devices and Outlook versions ? : Triosync is based on Active Sync technology which is the common sync platform for all devices and outlook now and ahead. So you can connected with any Outlook versions - both Windows and Mac - alongside any combination of Smartphones and Tablets, including Blackberry and sync them all.

Does it work alongside Gmail account ? : You can add Triosync alongside Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail account and either store data in Triosync or in Gmail folder in Outlook

Can I sync just sync calendar, contact and task without syncing mail ? : You can sync either all of them and some of them. If you do not wish to sync mails, then Triosync Basic plan is the most suitable. This plan is tailor made for thus who do not wish to sync mails but just sync calendar, contact and task

Can run Triosync with my Gmail ID ? : You can setup Triosync with Gmail or any other public domains only on the Basic Plan and sync contact, calendar and task with Outlook and run email as at present via IMAP or POP.


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