Triosync has several built in safety features

Maintain both POP/IMAP and EAS Mail boxes active and operational

You receive incoming mails on your current POP/IMAP mail box as well as EAS. If you think what if Triosync doesn't work, you will never miss an incoming mail. You can set the number of days you wish to leave a copy of incoming mail on your POP/IMAP account to contain your mail box disk space

Maintain Current Outlook and new Exchange Outlook Active

You can maintain both Outlook, active and operational as long as you wish.  Both Outlook will receive incoming mails and you can use both for sending out mail

Easy Roll back

At any point you wish to discontinue EAS, you export your EAS data into a PST file and import into your POP/IMAP Outlook

Outlook Backup

Your OWA, apart from providing online Outlook access, also act as a real time Outlook backup. If a device is lost, stolen, disk crash or data corrupt, you can reconfigure a new account and download your Outlook as it was before

Offline Outlook Access

Access your Outlook offline. This helps you operate Outlook even when you are not connected to Internet

Secure Private Folders

You can create secure private folders to store confidential data on any PC locally. These folders will remain within that system and will not be available on other PCs, Outlook Web or mobile devices. You can also disable mail folders that you do not wish to sync with mobile devices

Mobile Device Wipe

In the event you lose your mobile device, you can wipe the device from the server

Recovery of data after they have been emptied from Deleted Items folder

You can recover emptied items from deleted items folder up to 30 days after they have been emptied providing support to accidental data deletion or sabotage.

SSL ports

EAS provide SSL ports for all services. By default all configurations take place in SSL mode and provides on the fly data encryption and protection.  Even Outlook Web operate in SSL providing protection when you work on your Outlook from unknown PC in a hotel and internet cafe.

Data Centre

We are a Gold Level Partner with NTT/Verio and host primary services at their data centers.

This white paper outlines the key factors you need to consider when choosing who to trust with your IT infrastructure. Download

Global Data Center Datasheet : NTT America's Global Footprint will help extend your reach around the world. The Global Footprint datasheet includes data centre locations and details on the NTT global networks.



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