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Price/monthly (US$) 4.95 5.95 9.95
No advance payment. Pay at the end of Trial
Disk Space 1GB 3GB 5GB
Unlimited Bandwidth
Sync Mail
Sync Contacts, Calendar, Task
Public Domain support (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc..)
Any combination of Mobiles, Outlook versions
Operate with own ID
Connect multiple Mobile devices at a time
Connect new devices and sync everything quickly
Remotely Wipe data when devices stolen
Automatic sync via Wifi, GPRS
Real-time backup
Recover data emptied from Deleted Items
Drag and Drop data folders that sync with all
Server based sorting Rules
Add another user, share files and collaborate
Setup Out of Office from any device
Manage Junk mail folder from any device
Search entire Outlook from any device
Setup and Sync same Outlook on multiple systems
Operate alongside multiple email accounts
Disable folder sync and store data locally
Store data separately for each Id or as a single file
Any time upgrade - downgrade
Disk space enhancement when required
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Sync iPad, iPhone


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Sync Blackberry


Sync Symbian


Sync Windows Mobile