Triosync Setup on Outlook 2007

1. Logon to Outlook Webmail and modify Triosync Activesync mailbox password:
2. Update entries from mobile devices to the first Outlook you setup Triosync.
3. Download and install Kerio Outlook Connector : Download  |  Installation video
4. Install Office 2007 Service pack-2.  If not, download and install it : Download
5. Setup Outlook (Choose instructions of the plan ordered)
  Setup Outlook 2007 Basic Plan : Screenshot with Text  |  Video
  Setup Outlook 2007 Professional Plan : Screenshot with Text  |  Video
  Setup Outlook 2007 Business Plan : Screenshot with Text  |  Video
6. Setup Mobiles  :  iPhone-iPad  |  Android  |  Blackberry  |  Symbian  |  Win Mobile

Setup Triosync on additional Outlook:

To setup Triosync on additional Outlook 2010, follow the same procedure as the first Outlook except copying data. Data would be populated automatically.

To set up same Triosync account on other Outlook versions, follow instructions here other than importing data. Data would be populated automatically:  Setup Outlook 2003  |  Setup Outlook 2010  |  Setup Outlook Mac 2011

Professional and Business plans, when setup on additional Outlook, enable whole message sync and set Triosync contact as default Outlook contact. See Video

General Instructions:

1)  We recommend you to maintain different passwords for your current account and new exchange mailbox.

2)  Triosync would download a copy of all mails already there in the POP mailbox while porting for the first time. Please wait for all mails to download. If you do not wish to keep them to avoid duplication, logon to Outlook Webmail at , right click on INBOX and Empty them, then Empty from Deleted Items as well. From there on, you would receive incoming mails as and when they arrive in POP mailbox, leaving one copy there.

3)  If you choose to run your current Outlook parallel, PLEASE ensure you enable leave a copy on server in your current Outlook account settings. You can do so from Outlook Account Settings > Change > More Settings > Advanced > Leave a copy of the messages on the server > Choose "Delete after xx days" appropriately.

4)  Setup an SPF Record (Not required for Basic plan): We recommend that you create a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record for your domain. SPF record identify your ActiveSync Mail Server for outgoing mails with "SPF" enabled servers. This is a widely used tool to prevent spam. To create an SPF record please contact your Hosting Provider or do it from your domain's Control Panel:

1.       Log in to the DNS console for your domain.

2.       Create a TXT record containing this text: v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all

3.       Save your changes.

Example of an SPF record entry:


Domain Name or Name

Record or Data


v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all


Sync iPad, iPhone


Sync Android


Sync Blackberry


Sync Symbian


Sync Windows Mobile