Sync Symbian devices with Outlook



Sync Outlook Mail, Calendar, Contact and Task with Android based Mobiles and Tablet. Setup on Symbian via 'Mail for Exchange'. Mail For Exchange (MFE) is the default ActiveSync plug-in accompanied with all Symbian devices. If you don't find MFE in the application folder, you can download it from Nokia website for your device.

When setup, it adds a new Mail folder on the device, separate from IMAP folders and sync with Outlook Email. Calendar, Contact and Task sync with the default folder on the device. If you wish, you can run the IMAP account parallel to Triosync

Triosync work with any combination of Outlook and mobile devices using Exchange Active Sync Technology, commonly known as EAS. EAS is the default sync platform adopted by all device manufacturers and OS developers. EAS is available on all devices and Email clients ensuring uninterrupted data sync now and ahead.

View demo on how it works with Outlook and Mobile devices at


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