Sync Windows Mobile with Outlook



Sync Contacts, Calendar, Task and Mail with Windows Mobile and Tablets via ActiveSync. ActiveSync supports any combination of Smartphones, Tablets and Operating Systems.

ActiveSync is accepted as a uniform Sync platform by all OS and Device manufactures. Being a common Sync platform, Developers certify their updates and new releases on Exchange saving you from disruptions following updates to devices and systems.

Setting up ActiveSync would not affect your current email system in any way. Current IMAP accounts on mobile will continue to function unaffected. In Outlook, ActiveSync is added as a new profile account separate from current Outlook. Once data is imported into the ActiveSync account, it sync with all connected devices.

Mails and Folders in Outlook will show up in the Exchange account will create a separate mail account. Existing IMAP will continue unaffected until you remove them from the device.

Contact, Calendar and Task from Outlook, will sync to the default Calendar, Contact, Task locations on the Mobile device.

To avoid data duplication, update contacts, calendar, task entries on Mobile devices with Outlook for once, and then sync them all back via ActiveSync.

View demo on how it works with Outlook and Mobile devices at

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